Webel Yell 2009

Back in 2006, a couple of my fellow EPA webbies and I decided to take a day off and go to Kings Dominion, the theme park south of DC that has a large number of roller coasters.  We had so much fun, we did it again the following year.  We missed last year, and decided that this year, we’d open it up to everyone else.

So join us on June 2!  We picked the date to:

  • avoid Memorial Day week, when  many folks are out of town
  • avoid Mondays and Fridays, when many government people are on their days off
  • go on a weekday to avoid crowds
  • go before kids get out of school to avoid crowds.

Hence June 2.

I wasn’t really planning to do anything but announce it a few times on Twitter, but then my friend Melissa and I were chatting on Facebook one night, and she set up a Facebook event.  So I just set up a matching Eventbrite event (besides, it gave me a chance to try out Eventbrite; my Government 2.0 camp co-organizers did all of that so I didn’t need to learn it then).

Nothing formal, nothing particularly organized.  But at least those pages give people a way to see who else is coming (in case someoe else actually is coming).

And definitely nothing work-related that day.

Oh, and the name?  Kings Dominion has a great double coaster called the Rebel Yell.  One part goes forward and the other backward.  The best ride is in the back of the backward train, so you’re looking out the back end as you go screaming around the track.


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