Social Media Webinars

One of my long-term goals has been to create a set of basic webinars about each social media tool: blogs, wikis, photo sharing, social networking, etc.

Our target audience is government staff who don’t know much about social media;  these won’t be advanced webinars with a lot of implementation detail (maybe we’ll get to that later).

One of the folks on my team is now getting started, and we need help. In true social media fashion, we’re going to post outlines to the Social Media Subcouncil wiki and take everyone’s edits for a couple of weeks, then proceed to creating each webinar.

We just posted the first one, on blogging, so please help us! You’ll need to get a free account on the wiki. We give ’em to anyone to asks, inside gov’t or not – we just find that having some form of account name cuts down on the silliness that comes from anonymity.

Help us out and edit the blog outline or leave a comment.

Laura Norvig left a great comment below, so here’s my response to why I want us to do this instead of compiling a list of links.

I find that the resources out there aren’t quite right.  Either they’re too detailed (can’t really give a huge amount of detail in 30-60 minutes) or too vague (e.g., Commoncraft videos), or they focus on how individuals can use them, or how businesses can use them, but not government.  And I haven’t found one consistent set of webinars covering a wide range of tools.

I also don’t find a single set of resources about all of the tools that discusses issues specific to gov’t, like the relevant legal issues (for example, corporations don’t have privacy issues we do, and they can sign terms of service we can’t).

In addition, my goal is to produce a series of webinars that give EPAers in particular a single place to go to learn.  I work at EPA, so that’s my natural focus.

I also want to do this because I have evidence interest is sky-high.  Last time we gave a 2-hour overview of all social media tech, we got more than 500 registrants.

Finally, I want to do this as a webinar series, not a series of writeups.  There’s plenty of written material out there.

So the idea is to provide one place to find a cohesive, consistent set of webinars about each tool that’s aimed squarely at government folks.


3 Responses to “Social Media Webinars”

  1. 1 Laura Norvig July 13, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    OK, I have to ask, do you want to do this because resources that already exist are not geared towards government? I’m just wondering if there might already be webinars out there that would fill the bill so why reinvent the wheel when you could just build a carefully curated selection of existing resources?

  2. 2 Jeffrey July 13, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    Laura: good questions. Believe me, if I’d found what I wanted, I wouldn’t bother with this!

    Your questions are so good, in fact, that I’m editing the post to include my response.

  1. 1 Goodies for the Web-Curious: July 13, 2009 « The Musings of a Web-Curious Nobody Trackback on July 22, 2009 at 9:27 pm

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