Join me for two free webinars

You’re invited to join these free webinars that I teach as part of EPA’s Web training program. Please spread the word.

September 2, 2-3 EDT: Mixing Web 1.0 and 2.0. Using our efforts for Earth Month (surrounding Earth Day on April 22), I discuss how we used all of our tools to accomplish our mission. This experience helped me develop my social media mantra: mission, tool, metrics, teach.
View/download the slide deck

September 17, 2:30-4:00 EDT: Talking about social media with managers. I have a presentation I’m giving to senior management groups at EPA. In this webinar, I’ll give the same presentation, but also step out of character to explain what I emphasize as I give it. My goal is to teach you how to give the presentation, and I use the presentation itself as a teaching tool.
View/download the slide deck

For both slide decks, consider them public domain: use them as you see fit, edit them, whatever you like. Crediting me is nice but not required.

– When you register, you’ll get a confirmation email with a URL and a phone number. They’re unique to you, so keep that information! If you lose the info, you can just reregister, even after the session starts. There’s no general URL or phone I can give you.
– The only cost is for the call – it’s not toll-free.
– You’ll need to be able to use free software called GotoWebinar, which doesn’t require a separate download – your browser will automatically download a small piece as you start up. It does work with both IE and Firefox.
– I can’t provide technical support. If you’re not sure whether you can access GotoWebinar, or you need help using it, please try their support site.
– I’m willing to record them, but the recordings are enormous and longer than YouTube allows. If you know of a way to distribute a 30-60 minute video that’s hundreds of megabytes, please let me know!
– I do these a few times a year, so you’ll have another chance in a few months if you miss it.


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